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There are different solutions available on the market, offered by a number of manufacturers, offering from the simplest preprogrammed management to a complete remote management solution with a remote control interface. EALUX consulting services will help steer you towards the correct solution, consistent with your needs and budget.

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  • Stand-alone and affordable solution;
  • Custom programming;
  • Savings afforded by light intensity management (contrary to network management carried out by a photocell);
  • No need for human resources trained in IT system management.
  • An elaborate yet affordable system;
  • Network control and local accessibility;
  • Basic tables and statistics;
  • This solution can be the first step towards the implementation of the more sophisticated solution n° 3.
  • Large-scale lighting management;
  • Real-time bidirectional communication between lamp posts;
  • Remote lighting control from anywhere in the world;
  • Tables and graphics of network statistics.